Any Doctor Comfortable Repairing Asian Eyelid and Brow Ptosis, Including Crease?

I am an Asian woman with congenital ptosis on both eyes. About ten years ago, I had surgery done to help with my visual. The surgery was completed under "medical" terms, which means only the minimum repair was done. I am now looking to redo my surgery. I want to repair the ptosis on my eyelids and brow. I also want to fix my eyelid crease. I'm looking for a doctor that is comfortable working with Asian eyes. The last doctor did not do a great jump fixing my crease.

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Repairing Asian Eyelid and Brow Ptosis

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If you have eyelid ptosis, you should not have brow ptosis, especially if you had surgery about ten years ago for congenital ptosis. If you have congenital ptosis, it means that you usually would have had surgery during your early childhood, and therefore, brow ptosis from aging would not have set in. The reason I mentioned this is that when one has ptosis, one is trying to raise their eyelids so that they also raise their brow. So often people with eyelid ptosis characteristically have an increased distance from the brow to upper eyelashes. And again, it’s because the eye is not opening as much when the brow is elevated as much as it can. Therefore, you would have to be evaluated to make sure that you have ptosis. In terms of doing revision for congenital ptosis, one would need a history of which procedure was performed at the original surgery. Therefore, I advise you to bring your medical records before coming to see your surgeon. Also, in terms of redoing the crease, this is a condition that can be fixed by surgeons who specialize in Asian eyelid surgery so  it really shouldn’t be a significant problem. 

Congenital ptosis repair is complex

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Your repair will be complex due to the combination of reoperation, congenital ptosis, and Asian eyelids.  Congenital ptosis repair is very challenging, and the most difficult aspect of your combination.  I would suggest going to an oculoplastic surgeon who does a lot of congenital ptosis surgery.  I do the congenital ptosis surgery for the children from Children's Hospital Los Angeles and I also do double eyelid surgery. I would be happy to evaluate you. 

Melanie Ho Erb, MD
Irvine Oculoplastic Surgeon

Oculoplastic surgeon for Asian eyelid with ptosis

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Look for a physician who specializes in oculoplastic surgery and has performed thousands of Asian eyelid surgeries prior to embarking on a revision difficult surgery including functional and cosmetic purposes on Asian eyelids.  

Double Eyelid Surgery with Ptosis Repair and Brow Ptosis Repair

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Re-operations are always challenging. However, if your previous surgery did not address all your concerns, re-operation may be warranted. Your three issues, eyelid height, eyelid crease, and eye brow height all interact and therefore should be addressed by an experienced surgeon with all these issues; consider an oculoplastics surgeon for further consultation.

Carlo Rob Bernardino, MD
Monterey Oculoplastic Surgeon

Asian eyes

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Agreed the problem can be difficuly. It appears the first surgeon may have been more conservative that you wanted. You can have your lids lifted and an appropriate crease made to get the look you want. You need to see a surgeon with experience in this and see numerous before and after photos.

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