How Do I Know if a Doctor is Board Certified?

Hello, how do I know for sure if a plastic surgeon is a Board Certified doctor? I'm getting uncomfortable with my jaws and neck, but it's really not a noticeable thing yet, it's just that my cheeks are starting to drop down. I'm 40, slim and have a good elastic skin, so I don't know which procedure would be better for me. And I have read reviews for thermage and other non-surgical solutions but they are pretty scary, with a lot of side-effects. cheers

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Ask the doctor's office or look on their website.

You can also check with the board that they claim certifies them.  Understand that there is overlap among cosmetic surgery specialists when it comes to providing surgery and there is no evidence that one speciality does a better job than the other when it comes to performing cosmetic surgery.  General plastic , facial plastic, dermatologic surgeons, and oculofacial surgeons all offer facelifting.  All of them can be board certified in their underlying fields.  In addition to board certification, it is important to determine if they are also fellowship trained, have hospital privileges and medical malpractice insurance for the services they offer, and are in good standing with the California Medical Board.

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Board Certified Plastic Surgeon?

Thank you for the question.

If you are wondering whether  the surgeon you are considering is a board-certified plastic surgeon check with the American Board Of Plastic Surgery.

Best wishes.

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Board certification

Board certification can easily be checked on the doctor's website or with the state medical society.  But be specific about what board the doctor is certified with. It should be through  the American Board of Plastic Surgery if he/she is a plastic surgeon.

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ALWAYS check that your surgeon is Board Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery

Hi there-

Here are the questions that could save your life and increase the chances of you being safe and happy after your cosmetic surgery:

  1. Are you Board Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery? (check with The Board on their website)
  2. Do you have hospital privileges to perform the operation you are recommending for me within the hospital? If so, which hospital?

Please be careful- there are many offering these procedures, but much fewer who ethically and morally ought to be.

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