What to Do if Doctor Will Not Assist After Bad Outcome?

Hello--last year I had rhinoplasty with a chin implant placed--both w/poor outcomes. The problems are fairly obvious and the second and third opinion doctors said the exact same things. Chin implant too large and basically hanging off my chin w/no forward projection--just all wrong. The nose--messed up both inside and out (visibly to the eye). Both require revision, but after sending pics and emails, my Dr. is brushing me off . What are my options? Thanks, asnowpea

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Doctor Not Communicating After A Bad Surgical Outcome

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I am sorry that you are going through a rough time after your surgery. I understand that it is not an easy situation to be at.

The means of communication may be misunderstood sometimes and I believe that it is always for the best interest of both parties (patient and surgeon) to have a face-to-face conversation about the main concerns trying to find a middle ground to fix what needs to be fixed.

In case you have reached a dead end after exhausting all possible means of communication, then finding another surgeon to provide you with the service you are looking for and the results you are aiming to enjoy.

I have helped patients with situations like yours extensively, especially with failed rhinoplasties to be able to tell you that corrective procedures are of a delicate nature and should be well planned and meticulously executed. 

That being said, please remember that commendable results require an exceptionally skilled surgeon to perform your surgery and settling for anything less than that increases the chances of additional corrective surgeries dramatically.

I hope this helps and please feel free to check the website below.

Thank you for your inquiry.
The best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

Doctor Will Not Assist After Bad Outcome

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Sorry you are unhappy with your results. Your surgeon has a vested interest in ensuring your happiness. In person conversation done in a calm and coherent manner is generally more effective than email communication which can be misunderstood. Request to see your surgeon and discuss your concerns. If the surgeon remains unwilling to help, and you remain unhappy with the results. Then, you will need to explore other surgeons to help you further.


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Second opinions are just fine.  However, beware of unscrupulous practitioners that attack other physicians.  Doctors should be identifying the problem and attack the issue at hand, not others.

Not Happy with Chin Implant and Rhinoplasty

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If you're not happy with your results then you should seek a revision with another surgeon. Your ultimate goal is be happy with your results.

Rhinoplasty and chin implant

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If you and think you need a revision, then you may want to have it performed by another surgeon. Every surgeon and patient has his/her own opinion regarding the ideal outcome. It is difficult to say who is right. However, if you are not happy, it may not be a good idea to have your revision performed by the same surgeon.


Mohsen Tavoussi, MD, DO
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon

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