Uneven Eyes From Mouth Deviation After Exposure to Cold?

my friend has a problem in her right eye it is smaller than left . she told me , she had this problem 4 years ago when she exposed to cold this leaded to deviate her mouth and couldn't close her eye for a while then she cured after that she noticed her right eye shrinkage when she was stress and laughing until know she afraid from right eye may be atrophy with time . please can you tell me what is her problem and there is any treatments for her ?? serenely

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Bell's palsy and eyelids

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             She likely has Bell's palsy, which in most cases is idiopathic (we do not know the cause).   There is usually full recovery or near full recovery of facial nerve function.  The facial nerve is responsible for many facial movements.  If she has residual symptomatology from Bell's palsy, there are treatments.  They are too complicated to explain in a forum like this.  Static slings, dynamic slings, cross facial nerve grafts, innervated free gracilis or serratus flaps, etc. can be used in treatment.  

                  However, you seem to think she recovered completely from the Bell's palsy and that she has a new problem.  I would have to see pictures with and without eye movement to make a conclusive diagnosis.   The key complication to prevent in these patients is corneal exposure, dryness, ulceration, etc.

                   My recommendation would be to see the neurologist who treated or consulted when she was first diagnosed or see a plastic surgeon.  A plastic surgeon should be able to determine what needs to be done as well.  He or she may be able to perform a procedure for you or at least refer you to the appropriate specialist.

      Good luck.

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