Why Some Docs Inject 2-4 Wks After 1st, While Others (like Mine) Wait at Least 3 Mos?

Since Sculptra results take at least 3 months to show, isn't it more prudent to wait for at least the 3 months, or even more, for further injections, since the collagen will grow for up to 6 months Why do so many doctors have patients come back after only a few weeks for subsequent injections when no changes can be seen? Isn't that a potential cause for over-filling? I had 2 vials done at first session and was told not to come back for 3 months. Explain the discrepancy please.

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Why do some docs inject 2-4 weeks after thefirst while others wait at least 3 months.

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Sculptra is not a filler, but a stimulator of Collagen production by yoiur own fibroblasts (the cells in your Dermis).

It takes 3 months to see the total improvement generated by the Sculptra. If you do not have severe loss of fat, one vial may be all you need. Or if you need more, you and your Dr may decide on an extra bottle 3 months later.

 If you have severe loss, then it would be reasonable to reinject 2-4 weeks later, inasmuch as you may need 3-4 vials or more for adequate correction.

Always make sure that you are being treated by an experienced, Board Certgified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon.

Sculptra is very variable and generally forgiving

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The amount of Sculptra required varies greatly from individual to individual, not only because different individuals have different volume requirements, but also because people respond differently, based on a number of factors including age. Sculptra is also very forgiving acting as a more diffuse volume filler rather than a simple wrinkle filler. It is therefore difficult (within reason) to place too much Sculptra if one is injecting 1-2 vials at a time. 

If the injector judges that the individual will require more than 2 or 3 vials in total, then the process can be speeded up by injecting more frequently. So let's say the injector judges that you will require 8 vials in total, it would not be inappropriate to inject 2 vials every 3 weeks over 12 weeks. Then wait 3 months to judge the final effect before injecting more. This way the injection process would take 12 weeks, instead of 12 months. And the final result would be seen at 6-9 months from the beginning vs 15-18 months.

Sculptra techiques vary from physician to physician

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The difference in timing is dependent on physcian concepts and patient needs:

  • Patients who are very gaunt and need a lot of "stuff" need just enough time between injections for the initial injections to become "set" or incorporated before the next session. You cannot put in enough at the initial session to get a safe result, but you can lesson the time to total correction by many months by doing injections spaced at three to four weeks. 
  • Patients who are seeking just some minor corrections should have the initial injection routine and then rechecked at app 10 weeks.  Experienced injectors can get  good idea of response at that time.
  • Patients who are smokers, very athletic, or loosing weight will need more material and the time between injections can be shortened.

We have used as many as six vials at an initial session in a large gaunt male face and as few as one vial in a tiny face.


Dr. Mayl

Fort Lauderdale F.

Nathan Mayl, MD (retired)
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon

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