I Have a Budget of $6,000 or Less, is This a Realistic Goal for a Good Bbl?

Well I am a recent graduate of med sch. And mother of three. Needless to say I'm on a budget. However I do not take the cheap way out when it comes to my body. I'm interested in the brazilian butt lift, in my hm town, dallas, texas. My budget is around 5 or 6 thousand. Is that a realistic goal for this procedure? And are there commonly payment options available? I am a cash paying patient.

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Brazilian butt lift and cost

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I'm in Miami and in Miami we have some of the cheapest cosmetic surgery prices in the country. I charge between $5500 and $6200 for the Brazilian butt lift.  The difference in price is based on how much liposuction is needed. The liposuction takes the majority of time and is the majority of the work of the Brazilian but lift. This procedure is the most common procedure that I do in my practice.

I think it's one of the procedures that makes the most profound change in a patient's appearance. The liposuction makes a narrow waist and once you make a narrow waist everything looks better. The fat injection makes the curve and buttocks and a larger buttocks. Sometimes is the shape of the buttocks more than the size that makes you look good.  The curve is the key to the figure.

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Brazilian Butt Lift

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Brazilian Butt Lift cost depend on how many areas of liposuction is needed. The varage cost is $10000-13000.

You can talk with the doctor of your coice and there are some financing companies such as carecredit (google it) and you can apply for a loan.Most doctors will accept that.

Since you are a physician some doctors will extend proffessional courtesy

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