Can any docors/patients refer me to the top specialists for Mentalis Resuspension, and revision chin surgery?

About 6 years ago I went to a local oral surgeon for revision sliding genioplasty (originaly done 23 years ago). The original sliding genioplasty 23 years ago was beautiful but asymetric. The local oral surgeon did a botch job where he degloved the chin which swelled from degloving and from infection, and when it healed, it left me with lower lip ptosis, lip incompetence - so horrible. I would love to have my old chin and mouth back.

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Mentalis Muscle Resuspension for Lip Sag/Ptosis

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By description it sounds like you do have a soft tissue/mentalis muscle issue that has affected the horizontal position of the lower lip. A mentalis repositioning procedure can be done and is often combined with an internal V-Y mucosal advancement when lip ptosis is seen in combination with any amount of chin sagging. Seeing picture of the front and side view would be helpful in determining is this might be successful for you.

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