Can a Doc Cheat on Titan Laser? Im Getting Great Price?

He uses the device on my face. Does the rotations, neck and face, but last few treatments didnt seem as good as past procedures and I am wondering if I am paying money and if he taking shortcuts on some kind? Are there any shortcuts? cremes hes not using? power or strength hes not using? Please advise what I should look for to make sure I am getting the exact treatment as someone that is paying a normal price for the procedure, thanks.

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The cost of Titan should be fairly low as it is not a permanent procedure. Most plastic surgeons will price it near the range of Botox and other non permanent treatments. I have seen some Dermatologist in our area charging as if it will give you a face lift result but that is not the case. If you felt the doctor spent less time just ask him. He should be able to show you the record showing the settings as well as the number of pulses. If you are unhappy most doctors should stand by their work as that is how a good practice grows.

Titan results

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In my opinin Titan is alwaus effective as long as the proper parametres are applied. For fac and neck 40 J/cm2, four passes with circular motion. Approximately total of 60-100 pulses for lower face and neck.

Maritza Perez, MD
New Canaan Dermatologic Surgeon

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