What Should I Do for IPL Aftercare?

I just had IPL for freckles & sunspots done. My aftercare instruction was bacitracin and no sun, nothing on the specifics. Can you tell me exactly what I should do and for how long? The pigments have lifted, some scabbed off, and skin feels slightly sunburned. Can I wash my face, soap, makeup, etc?

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Use all of your normal products but don't forget sunscreen

You can use all of your normal products: facewash, soap, makeup all like normal.  Apply a sunscreen containing zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide every day for the rest of your life to preserve the results.  Really, every day!!  And a hat if you will be out in the sun for more than a half hour or son.  If you don't, the the spots will come back.  If you do, they will stay gone.

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