Do Breast Implants Cause Cancer?

Will breast implants cause breast cancer? 

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Breast implants and cancer

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There is no known causal link between breast implants and cancer, and this has been repeatedly conveyed in the scientific literature over decades.

Rather, the academic literature has shown that women with breast implants actually may pick up cancers at the same time or even earlier, given that they are more in tune with their breast anatomy after having undergone BA and doing implant massage, and that the implants may act as a "platform" for a palpable lestion.

Most plastic surgeons would agree that their postoperative breast augmentation patients are far more obsessive about changes in the appearance or feel of their breasts after the implants have been placed than the average woman who does not have implants.

Indeed, it is important that women alert their mammographer that they have breast implants in place and their location (submuscular or subglandular). The mammographer will perform a couple of extra views on mammography called Eklund views which will attempt to push the implant towards the chest wall while compressing the breast tissue together in order to assess it. Submuscular, smaller implants tend to impart better visualization than larger, subglandular ones.

The most important thing for women over 40 to do (and women younger than that with a strong family history) is to get an annual mammogram to check for occult breast cancer. This can save a life!

Breast implant safety

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There is currently no evidence linking breast implants to breast cancer, or any other disease, for that matter. Once you get your implants, you will want to make sure that you tell the mammography technicians that you have had breast augmentation. They will do some special techniques to displace the implant from the are that is being examined.

Remember that although we don't have any reason to believe that breast implants are dangerous, it is still just as important to screen for breast cancer as before. I encourage all women to be vigilant in their self examination as well as their mammography!

Breast implants and cancer

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There is no scientific data that shows a link between breast cancer and breast implants. Keep in mind that we frequently use implants in patients who had breast cancer, and these patients are at higher risk for developing breast cancer in the opposite breast. For example, we might reconstruct a mastectomy with an implant and put a small implant in the non-affected breast. Even in these patients at higher risk of developing breast cancer, breast implants are believed to be safe, based on scientific data. Hope this helps.

Tracy Pfeifer, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implants and cancer

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Silicone breast implants are the most studied implants.

For 15 years, they have been studied and found SAFE AND EFFECTIVE, by the FDA in 2006. You can check implant safety on the FDA site.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Breast Implants do not cause cancer

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After extensive research, breast implants have not been found to cause cancer. Neither do they interfere with the ability to detect cancer, but your radiologist may have to take some extra X Rays when you go for a mammogram.

Jeffrey Horowitz, MD
Bel Air Plastic Surgeon
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Again, Breast Implants DO NOT cause cancer

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Breast Implants have the rather dubious honor of having been the most intensely studied implant in the history of mankind. More money and human hours were spent studying Breast Implants than Heart Valves, Defibrillators, Pacemakers, Shunts, artificial blood vessels, hip and knee joints and all other implants combined.

While like all implants, potential complications are seen with placing breast implants, their complications are few. But - while infection, scarring (capsular contracture) and other complications ARE possible, despite hundreds of scientific articles scrutinizing implants, there is NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that breast implants cause cancer.

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Breast Implants and Cancer

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It's been shown and proven over and over to not be the case. Breast Implants do not cause cancer even if the silicone leaks out of the implant. Any case that seems like it could've been the silicone was taken against Dow Corning back in the day and a massive class action suit was involved. Today, we simply move forward and now that the FDA has approved it, we use them regularly. Nobody would be putting in these implants if there were the merest suggestion that this implication is real. It's not. The breast implant is the most studied medical device in US History.

Best Wishes,


Ricardo A. Meade, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Implants do not increase risk of breast cancer

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Excellent and important question!

Multiple studies, from different countries including the U.S., have found no increased risk of breast cancer after breast augmentation.

Of course, one must still follow with mammography and annual check-up as recommended, based on age and family history of breast cancer.

The breast implant, in some cases, may actually increase the chance of early detection, as the mass will become more palpable from the implant pressing against the breast tissue.

Michael A. Jazayeri, MD
Santa Ana Plastic Surgeon

Breast Implants and Breast Cancer

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To date, there is no association between silicone or saline breast implant and carcinogenesis. An older type of implant used decades ago may have induced some breast cancers, but these implants are now banned. In fact, breast implants are used in breast cancer patients as an effective means of reconstruction.

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Implants and Cancer

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To date, there are no studies that have shown any link between breast implants and cancer. In fact, breast implants do not increase your risk for breast cancer. It is important for all women to perform monthly breast self-exams and annual screening mammograms.

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