Do Breast Enhancement Pills Work? For example, breast actives cream or breast enhancement herbal pills?

like breast actives cream or breast enhancement herbal pills?

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I have not seen breast enhancement pills work


Unfortunately there are no breast enhancement pills of which I am aware that really do much except cost you a little money. If you find one that works, let me know so we can both make a lot of money.

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Breast enhancement pills

Unfortunately, breast ehnhancement pills and creams do not work. It is important to be careful when spending your hard earned money on something that may be "too good to be true." If you're wondering if something brand new does work, look into good websites like or These website publish data that is "tried and true."

Not likely

If you think about it, if breast enhancement pills really worked, there would be a tremendous amount of women taking them and the company would be very rich. Unfortunately, at this time, there are no alternatives other than surgery to increase the size of breasts, short of gaining weight.  

David Rankin, MD
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