Will adding implans to my breast lift make my boobs sag again? (photos)

I've lost weight and want to fill my breast up by using an implant post op six months after having a breast lift.

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Breast sagging after implant augmentation

You have  large and heavy breasts. Due to gravity you may expect that, in time, your upper pole will become flatter and your breasts will start sagging. In order to keep upper pole full for a longer time, placement of implant would help. You may also consider a small breast reduction in that time; smaller the breast tissue the lesser effect of gravity (sagging).

You should discuss these options with your plastic surgeon or even seek a second opinion consultation. Good luck.

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Gravity and Aging Always Working On Your Breasts

Gravity, aging, and large-volume breast implants will make your breasts sag again. Breast Implants, especially larger-volume breast implants, will only hasten sagging breasts. Remember, the bigger they are, the harder and faster they fall. Your current breast volume looks appropriate to your body proportion. Too much breast volume may make you appear too top-heavy and may camouflage your weight-loss results.

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Implants after a breast lift

If you add implants to your breasts, the weight of the implants will likely cause your breasts to sag slightly, but they will never be what they were before your breast lift.  They would certainly fill the breast more and give back some of that volume.  Be very careful, however, that you choose the correct implant size; your breasts are already quite large.  

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