DIY Lip Filler FAIL, Removing/reducing the Scar Tissue? (photo)

Ok please don't criticize me for doing this, as I am already kicking myself for it, but 2 years ago I purchased dermal filler from, and after watching numerous YouTube video instructional, I stupidly performed the procedure on myself. although they looked great for 9 months, now I have obvious scare tissue within the lips. would you suggest surgery or cortisone injections to shrink the scar tissue? photos shown are before - 3 months after, and now.

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Help with lips after injection of dermal filler

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Although I am not certain what type of filler you injected into your lips, I would recommend trying cortisone injections first, as this would be simpler and less risky than surgery.  If that doesn't work, you could always resort to surgery later.  And I would recommend that you have the cortisone injection or surgery performed by a physician and not yourself. 

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