Diverticulititus and Breast Reduction Surgery?

I have severe pelvic pain presently. I started takin flagyl monday (yesterday) today is tuesday. I am scheduled for breast reduction in3 days on friday. If i can work this thing out of my system it would probally be the perfect situation for surgery...an empty gut. If i am still in pain wednesday afternoon should i reschedule? I dont think i could stand the gas from anesthesia passing thru me.???

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Can patient with diverticulitis have breast reduction surgery?

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If you are in the middle of an acute attack, you should not undergo elective surgery. It is important for you to notify your plastic surgeon immediately. Anesthesia "gas" is not gas at all but a set of medications used in conjunction with intubation and should not be confused with the "gas" that wrecks havoc on your GI system.

Diverticulitis and Breast Reduction Surgery?

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I'm sorry to hear about the diverticulitis symptoms you are experiencing. You should make your surgeon aware of this problem ASAP.  Obviously, he/she will be in the best position to advise you. Generally speaking, I would not suggest undergoing elective surgery at this time. All of your systems (including your G.I. system) should be in optimal condition before undergoing the breast reduction procedure.

Best wishes.

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