Can distance between the eyes be reduced? (photo)

*This is repost of an old question of mine but now with some pictures* I believe that my eyes are too far apart, which is something contributes to my facial asymmetry. However, I've read in an article on this site that the distance between the eyes cannot be corrected. I've also heard, that it can be done, but only for reconstructive reasons. Can I do something else to correct this? Would a nose job give the illusion that my eyes are close-set?

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Yes, but you don't need it.

A rule of thumb is that the distance between your eyes should be equal to the width of one of your eyes.  This classic ratio comes from the face being divided vertically into 5ths.  Each 5th is defined by the width of the eye.  A quick assessment reveals that your intercanthal distance is within the normal proportions.  I would recommend that you see an experienced cosmetic surgeon who can sit down with you, take some standardized photos and collaboratively explore what you would like changed about your appearance.  This can be very educational for both you and the surgeon.

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Wide space between the eyes

It is possible that a rhinoplasty may be the best solution to your concerns.  Reducing the nasal base will give this a thinner appearance.  

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