It is Ok to Dissolve Restylane After a Week of Sculptra Injection?

I had a restylane injection under both eyes for improving hollowness a year ago, and now after taking the second Sculptra injection few days before, there are still some remains of Restylane which makes it looks too much under my eyes and I want to get rid of it. So, it is ok to dissolve the restylane after a week of sculptra injection?

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Restylane dissolving Injections after Sculptra

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It is ok to dissolve Restylane under the eyes after a sculptra injection.  Are you sure it is the Restylane causing the problem?  Restylane does tend to last longer under the eyes then anywhere else in the face.  After 1 week Sculptra crystals are absorbed and doing their collagen stimulation.  Hyaluronidase  (Restylane dissloving injection) will not affect Sculptra.  

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If it is the Restylane and not the Sculptra causing the fullness under the eyes, then it is okay to dissolve the Restylane under the eyes by using hyaluronidase.  

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