Are Dissolvable Sutures for a Capsulorrhaphy Effective with Bottomed out Implants?

What are the long term results with using dissolvable sutures versus permanent? Also, do silicone implants help in preventing from bottoming out again?

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Breast capsulorraphy with dissolvable sutures

For bottomed out implants, a proper repair with sturdy dissolvable sutures + never going larger with the implants + wearing a well fit underwire bra 24/7/3 months has about a 80-90% success in my experience as long as the patient's tissues are not too thin and they aren't over 45 years of age.  If the repair fails, or if the tissues just are not great, then going straight to a Strattice repair might be better.

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Sutures Used for Capsulorrhaphy?

Thank you for the question.

Although, like most things in the plastic surgical field, there will be different opinions on the best way to perform capsulorrhaphy, I think that permanent sutures provide the most reliable suture repair. I generally preferr to remove breast implant capsule (scar) in the area of the repair and then perform a two layered permanent suture repair.

I do not believe that use of any type of implant (saline versus silicone) necessarily prevents recurrence of bottoming out.

I hope this and the attached link helps.

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