Over Dissected Infra-mammary Fold?

5 wks post op. subglandular .silicon gel nagor 365 cc b/l. textured ehp. 34 b pre op with no asymmetry.post op day 3 noticed a swelling beneath left inframammary incision,disappears on lying down but implant moves little laterally. upper poles symm.appears to be overdissected IMF. incision line visible on left on raising arm above head.tried to restore by tying long shoelace at desired level. little improved now. is it possible to restore IMF at 5 weeks this way suggest other precautions. thanks

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Disruption of the inframmary fold as a consequence of breast augmentation requires surgical correction.

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If the inframmary fold is disrupted resulting in an implant that resides too low on the chest wall, only a surgical procedure can correct that. 

Over Dissected Infra-mammary Fold?

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Without the benefit of this some before and after pictures, I for one would be reluctant to endorsed her diagnosis is over dissected inframammary fold. I might also add that there are a number of abbreviation that I cannot decode despite 3 decades in plastic surgery.

If the inframammary folds are asymmetric he can be restored, but not by magical healing, rather by surgery.

Do review these issues with your surgeon. If you wish to have more of a useful response from those of us to answer questions here on this website, please consider attaching some photographs. 

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Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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