Dissatisfied with Chin Advancement - Good Idea to Move the Bone Back to Original Position?

My surgeon made a horizontal cut through my chin and moved it forward to make up for my weak chin. My profile has improved, but I am very dissatisfied with my face from the front. The new placement of my chin makes my mouth appear smaller and like I'm always frowning. My face appears thinner and longer as well. Is it a good idea to have the bone moved back? If not, what other suggestions might improve my mouth/chin's appearance?

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Pre-jowl implant can increase chin width

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There are chin implants available that give a wider appearance to the lower half of the chin. The type of chin implant that I am describing is the Mittelman prejowl implant manufactured by Implant Tech and works very well to simply increase chin width without giving any anterior projection to the chin.  

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