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My husband is almost 40 and has very deep set eyes & is experiencing sagging eye lids, deep and numerous lines in his brow and eye area. Had a "consult" with MD, was told that a brow lift was out of the question as it would make him look too effeminate. A very slight bleph was possible, but he had to talk him into that. He basically acted as if the only option for men was Botox. This is becoming costly. My husband is disappointed & feels hopeless. Is this true? This is my MD, so I am angry.

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Misplaced anger at your plastic surgeon

Presumably, if this is YOUR doctor, they have gained your trust in taking care of you.  Sometimes we need to advise patients that there isn't any reasonable surgery for the anatomy that God gave them.  This is good medicine and ethical practice.  It is entirely inappropriate for you to respond with anger about this.  Frustration, dismay maybe, but anger?  Go seek a few other ideas but beware of the doctor who says you can have anything you want and realize that this is never the case.

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Brow lifts in men.

Sometimes patients think that we are like a drive-thru: you place your order and you get what you want. But that shouldn't be the case. A surgeon should advise against certain procedures if they are not appropriate for the patient. Getting "angry" at the surgeon for that is misguided.

Male brow lifts can have two important downsides: 1) it most certainly can feminize his appearance if done aggressively...and if not aggressive enough, he will feel like he didn't get his money's worth; 2) men's hairlines are less predictable over time...i.e., if the hairline recedes and they start balding, the incisions can be readily visible.

Look no further than Kenny Rogers for an example of a poor outcome from brow and upper lid surgery in a man.

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David C. Pearson, MD
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Your Surgeon is Following the Hippocratic Oath

Actually, I would like to applaud this Surgeon for showing appropriate restraint with procedures that are not likely to be beneficial.  The responsibility of the Surgeon is to apply the correct procedure to the individual patient; this is simply following the Hippocratic oath and I recommend that you be thankful for it.

Stephen Prendiville, MD
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Don't make a surgeon do something they are not comfortable with.

Being angry is inappropriate.  The surgeon is advising you that they do not think they can achieve what you are asking for.  Please respect that.  If you don't like the opinion, don't get made at the surgeon.  Go get another opinion.  However, please recognize that the first surgeon may be absolutely correct.  However, don't let this stop you from getting other opinions.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Second opinion

Your surgeon may well be right - non-invasive options may be his best choice. But if you are not happy with his recommendations, get another opinion! Surgery on men is very different from surgery on women, and goals should be different. Feminizing a man to get rid of wrinkles is a poor trade.

My other suggestion is to make sure you are working on the inside as much as the outside. The goal of cosmetic surgery isn't necessarily to get rid of wrinkles, it is to become more happy with oneself. There are some features and aging changes we need to accept - when your surgeons are out of options,  working with a therapist may be a better route to happiness than changing the outside. 

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Heavy eyelids and brows in a male

Eyelid and eyebrow rejuvenation in males is indeed different than in females.  However, that does not mean it is not feasible.  In some situtaions an upper blepharoplasty can be performed in conjunction with internal elevation and/or stabilization of the eyebrows through the eyelid incision.  This procedure, referred to as internal browpexy, can help provide improvement in the function and appearance of the eyelid/eyebrow complex and is partcularly useful in men who wish to avoid feminizing their appearance or scars on their forehead.    Browpexy is not a procedure that will benefit everyone but may be a reasonable option for a male with heavy eyelids and brows. 

Brian Biesman, MD
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Male Brow Lifts

Raising brows in men do have some technical differences to consider.  Where can the scars be best hidden when you consider possible future frontal hair loss?  Sometimes it is in a forehead crease.  How can we position the eyebrows so that the masculine features are enhanced? For men, it should not be much higher than the orbital rim.  Will the male prominence of frontal sinus projection interfere with the result?  This is a characteristic of men that should be maintained.  These issues are points of discussion with your surgeon, and don't ever accept a procedure recommendation until you are comfortable with your surgeon.

Randy Wong, MD
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Don't get angry, get a second opinion

Judging from the description of your husband, he would benefit from a brow lift. This procedure would take care of the 'deep creases' in his brow and would improve his saggy upper lids. Deep set eyes can be improved by repositioning the fat around them with a revised blepharoplasty. These procedures need to be customized to your husband's specific needs. Asking to view before and after pictures should give you an idea of surgeon's expertise and level of comfort dealing with complex cases.  Best wishes, Dr. H 

Gary M. Horndeski, MD
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Find a surgeon for male patients

While non-invasive procedures may be the best choice for this patient, he should be made aware of all of his options, as well as the benefits and drawbacks to each. Surgical options for men are different from women. I would recommend a second opinion with a qualified plastic surgeon who performs both non-invasive and surgical procedures on men.

Donna Rich, MD
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Find a surgeon you are comfortable with

Find a surgeon you  and your husband are comfortable with.  I always strongly recommend patients get second opinions if there are any concerns.  Not all surgeons are comfortable with cosmetic surgery on males.  Make sure you see before and after photos.  Warmest regards,

Dr. Pippin

Gregory Pippin, MD
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