Dissapointed with FTT 9 Weeks PO Results? (photo)

I am 33, mother of 3 and had FTT in the early January this year. The results after 9w are far from my satisfaction, the biggest issue is my loosen upper abdomen, but also the rest isn´t 100% flat. Maybe there is some extra fat as well that could be removed. My surgeon told me, that the amount of removed skin couldn´t be larger. Of course tummy looks better in the morning as the swelling take place during the day. Please, can you post your opinion what can be done and how much it may improve over the time?

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Disapointed with FTT 9 Weeks

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The only helpful view is the standing view, and the contour looks very good. WIthout a side view, standing, I can't see nor therefore comment on issues of flatness.

When a patient needs a tummy tuck it is because they have lost skin elasticity.When you sit, your chest and pelvis come closer together, and the skin not being infinitely elastic will always buckle. This happens to some extent even in people with "normal" elasticity--You don't see swimsuit models sitting--more often they are leaning backward a bit. 

If your skin were taut while sitting it would not be possible to stand erect. 

Discuss and follow with your surgeon.

All the best. 

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Tummy Tuck is Flat as it Gets

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The other surgeons are correct.  Your result is very good.  Skin is elastic so it will fold.  I would not recommend any additional treatment. 

Dr. ES

Tummy Tuck early results

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I agree with the other posts but would add that without pre-operative photos, little can be said about the results. Nevertheless, it seems your results are excellent.  Remember, you are still healing, there is still swelling, etc.  Also it is not uncommon after any body contouring surgery to have some areas that can be improved with some minor procedure, such as liposuction.  This is particularly true of the upper abdomen, which is an area that many surgeons tend not to liposuction at the time of the tummy tuck because of issues of blood supply to the remaining skin.  

Results after tummy tuck

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Thanks for your question and pictures.  Based on what I can see in your attached pictures, you have an excellent result.  Your contour appears very flat when standing erect (although there is no side view when standing upright).  It is not normal to have completely tight skin when bent at the waist.  If your skin was tight when bent over, you wouldn't be able to stand up!  The swelling you describe can take 3-4 months to completely resolve.  Congratulations on your surgery!

How Flat Should I Look after Tummy Tuck?

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A tummy tuck needs to be judged by what you look like standing erect since that is when your skin needs to be stretched the tightest. Your skin needs to accordian when you sit or bend over.  If it was tight in that position you wouldn't be able to stand up straight.

You look like your result is excellent in my judgement.  There is not too much fat under you skin and your scars look they are ahead of schedule as does your swelling.



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