Disproportional Lower Jaw. What are your recommendations to get a more angular face? (photo)

Hi, I'm 21 years old and just recently got my braces off that I wore for around 2 and 1/2 years for overbite. My orthodontist hasn't really said if anything is wrong nor hasn't mentioned surgery or about my jaw. I've always been self conscious about my lower half of my face, it just seems off to me and I don't really know the exact reason. My cheeks seem undefined like it has facial fat as well as my jawline. Chin seems retruded as well. What are your recommendations to get a more angular face?

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Stronger chin may help

Looking at your photos I agree your chin is a bit retrusive.  This can be corrected with a chin implant.  The midface area is more difficult to evaluate without seeing you in person but there are a number of reasonable options to improve midface contours as well including implants, fat transfer and injectable fillers.

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More anglar face with a retrusive lower jaw

There is mandibular retrusion noted in the photographs, which can be addressed with a simple chin implant to augment the chin, which will give more projection and a slight width to the lower chin area.  A chin implant is composed of silastic and is inserted through a submental incision and placed directly over the mandibular bone in the front portion of the chin.  The amount of augmentation of the chin will depend on the size of the implant.  We use the Implantech brand of chin implants and have had an excellent success rate with them.  The surgery can be done under local anesthesia and will take approximately a half an hour as an outpatient procedure.

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