How Can You Tell if You Have Displaced a Graft?

I am worried I have displaced a graft. I had a rhino/septoplasty and nasal graft surgery 10 weeks ago to help me with breathing issues. I had a bump the other day on my nose and my surgeon examined me and said everything looked fine on the inside and out, but how can you tell if your grafts have moved or not? Thanks

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How Can You Tell if You Have Displaced a Graft?

Usually by 6 weeks, the nose is pretty stable.  You were also examined by your surgeon, and the stability was confirmed.  I am not sure there is anything else you can do but trust the clinical skills of your surgeon at this point.



Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Shifted nasal graft?

You did not mention the type of graft that you had for your rhinoplasty.  If it was a cartilage graft harvested from your nasal septum then you would see an obvious deformity if it shifted or was dislodged.  Your plastic surgeon is in the best position to know and answer your question.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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