What Causes Displaced Breast Implants?

I have Mentor Smooth Round Moderate Profile Saline under the muscle. Is excess skin from weightloss a contributing factor to displaced breast implants? When I flex my muscles, one implant goes upward and one goes to the side. When I lay down the implants slowly (2-3 seconds) seep down to the bed as well. I am left with looking down at a completely flat boney chest. Are these displaced implants? It was a horrible experience going back to speak with my surgeon to say the least. What should I do?

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Problem with the pocket

The problem that you are describing is not uncommon but is somewhat avoidable. When the pocket is dissected for the implant to be place the lateral part of the breast must only be opened just enough to create a nice shape but without going too far. It the pocket is opened too laterally the implants will fall off the chest wall. In addition I have my patients wear a bra for 3 weeks postoperatively so that the tissues are secure and the implants don't move.

As for the displacement of the implants with muscle contraction that's a difficult problem. It may get better when the pockets are fixed but may not. It has to due with the capsules attachment to the muscle.

On behalf of all ASPS Board Certified Plastic Surgeons I'm sorry your surgeon was more amenable and empathetic to your concerns. See several others to fine one you're happy with for the revision.

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Displaced Breast Implants

During breast implant surgery a pocket is created carefully to maintain certain folds on the sides and bottom of the breast. On occasion, the space for the breast implant becomes too large on the side of the chest or the tissue stretches and the implants fall too much to the side. This is most easily seen when the patient is lying on her back. On rare occasion, the implants can move towards the patient’s armpit.
Treatment will generally require closing the space with a procedure called a capsulorrhaphy. In this case, the capsule is closed off internally much as we do when we are trying to raise the breast fold. The capsule is closed with sutures and at times Acellular Dermis Matrix (ADM) or other soft tissue substitutes would be used to further support this correction.
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Sounds like two different breast pockets


It sounds like the implant pockets you have are different from side to side. This can be due to differences in your anatomy from side to side and/or surgical design and/or scarring. I would review this with your surgeon to see what might be going on and what might be done about it.

John P. Di Saia, MD
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Normal displacement vs. pocket mismatch

Implants under the muscle tend to displace and distort when the muscles flex. This is a normal phenomenon and may product temporary asymmetries. Drifting and displacement of the implant when in various positions is also normal to a degree and can be a good thing in that implants that are fixed, tend to look less natural and can be firmer to the touch since the capsule is tight. It is possible that the implants are ina pocket that is a little too large or the borders of the pocket are malpositioned. Many implants may experience this, especially over time as the pocket changes due to gravity and movement, but it can also be more evident if there is a mismatch between the implant size, the pocket dimensions, and the natural dimension of the normal breast tissue since the implant will move independent of the breast tissue. Why was speaking to your surgeon a horrible experience? It shouldn't be. If you can't communicate with your surgeon, look for a second opinion.

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