Dislocated Cartilage After Rhinoseptoplasty, Will this Result in Another Deviated Septum? (photo)

I had rhinoseptoplasty & turbinate reduction 3 weeks ago, and 1 week ago I had a bump to my nose. My left side hurt slightly for the next 48 hours after, so I made an appointment with my surgeon. He took a look and said I have dislocated cartilage, but that it's nothing major. I trust my surgeon, but I'm so nervous I would like additional input. Is it possible the dislocated cartilage will result in another deviated septum down the road? Does it mean my septum is already dislocated? Revision?

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Dislocated cartilage

It is always difficult to tell from photographs alone but your nasal tip looks like a standard open nose a few weeks after surgery, with moderate tip swelling and redness of the incisions.

The bump in the roof of your right nostril is your tip cartilage pushed into the nose by swelling (there are incisions inside your nose as well).  The bump (?) on the right side of the columella likely represents another access incision, particularly if you had a right-handed surgeon.


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