Deformed Lip After Facial Fat Grafting a Few Years Ago? (photo)

A few years I had the facial fat grafting done. Over the course of the past couple years it began to migrate towards the corner of my mouth. Now you can see that it makes my lip roll under. What can you suggest that I may do to correct this? Micro cannula, then perhaps a corner lip lift? As you see I am trying to think creatively here. I greatly appreciate any suggestions.

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Fat migrating?

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Fat that survives the grafting procedure should not migrate but you do have excessive fullness of your  upper lip... if your lips are excessively full and you're willing to accept the risks of contour irregularities, microliposuction can be done.  As for the corners, you could have the corner lift or if you felt your lips were okay, fill the lateral lips fuller.  You really need to see a local surgeon that can examine your lips and listen to your concerns and better appreciate your goals.

Fat graft

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Fat graft to the lip gives good results. It is very difficult to imagine the fat to migrate a year later.I see the problem in your case. You need very good evaluation by a plastic surgeon and a corner of the lip lift might be good if you accept the scar on the white roll line of the lip. I do not recommend removal of the fat by micro-cannula or even open technique. It is very hard to take the fat out evenly without deforming the lip.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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