Discussing Tummy Tuck Revision W/ Surgeon For Complications. Is a Revision Necessary?

Full TT Feb 11 w/ repeated complications w/ foriegn body reactions. Today I had a 2nd opinion who told me a complete TT revision was necessary to end this and the original PS should perform it. PS told me he was "terrified" to operate on me and has told me repeatedly I need to wait and see what these lumps will do. 2nd opinion doc says it's obvious it needs to be redone. How do I tell the PS I have (yes ABPS dr) to make this right? What now? How do I trust this won't happen again with same doc?

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Trust your instincts

Now just over 4 months from your initial tummy tuck, hopefully you are fully recovered (back to work and all activities).  It is best to wait for full recovery prior to revision if that is possible.  Not certain where foreign body reactions are coming from...incision sutures or sutures to repair muscle (diastasis)? 

Getting a second opinion was a good idea if you had concerns that were not being addressed adequately by your prmary surgeon.  Complications and revisions are an expected consequence (hopefully infrequent, but to be expected) of surgery and hopefully you had a good discussion with your surgeon well before your procedure.

Each physician has their own revision policy, but generally, most will proceed as needed, when appropriate at some reduced cost relative to the initial fee.  You will need to sort out the advice from the two surgeons and decide how best, when,  and with whom to proceed.  If possible it is always best for the primary surgeon in whom you had the confidence to proceed initially to take on the revision.  If you have a good rapport, discuss all of these issues and proceed accordingly.


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Tummy Tuck Revision

It’s very difficulty for me to make a definitive determination without actually examining  you and I would also want to see the operative report from your initial surgery.  You mention a “foreign body reaction”,  but do not say what the foreign body is, such as sutures or some other object.  I truly feel that you need to sit with your plastic surgeon and have a frank and honest discussion with him/her and explain your fears and concerns. 

Jonathan Ross Berman, M.D. , F.A.C.S.

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Discussing Tummy Tuck Revision W/ Surgeon For Complications

Sorry that you have experienced a series of complications.


You have three options:


1) Accept the guidance of your original surgeon

2) Request the two surgeons speak to come to the best possible treatment plan.

3) Seek out another surgeon.


If you continue to trust your surgeon, then work with him. If you have lost trust in him, then you should choose a surgeon who may be more experienced and expert in caring for the complications.


It is not unreasonable for two skilled surgeons to have an honest difference of opinion on the appropriate treatment plan.

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It sounds as though your two plastic surgeons should discuss your case together. As the first surgeon may have impressions of your case that might alter your second surgeon's opinion and vice versa. Your case is not typical so I believe this would be wise.

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Is a #TummyTuck Revision Necessary? ANS:

If you can, I would give it a bit more time to see what needs revision and what might go away with time...You would hate to go to surgery, only to have more flare ups after...It is not uncommon for some of the permanent sutures to need removal and most of the time this does not require a full re-do...It can, but most of the time, no and they can be removed with just a little local anesthesia in the office...But do let your original doctor try and fix the problem...

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Foreign Body Reactions after Tummy Tuck Surgery?

I'm sorry to hear about the comp patients you have experienced after your surgery. To give you precise advice would require a full consultation/examination.

If my assumption is correct, that you are dealing with wounds/inflammation that are secondary to sutures used to plicate the abdominal wall muscles,  then often exploration of the abdominal wall and removal of these sutures are necessary. In my experience, this operation will involve removal of all the sutures  used to re-approximate the abdominal wall muscles and possibly re-plication  with a different type of suture (for example non-braided dissolving suture).

It may be in your best interest to seek additional consultations and choose the plastic surgeon who can demonstrate the most experience with this type of problem.

Best wishes.


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