Are there any plastic surgeons that might consider doing a tummy tuck, inner/outer thigh lift for teaching purposes?

I know this sounds like a really dumb question, and I apologize, but I figure if you don't take the time to ask you will never know the answer. I little background I had a lap and in 2010, revision to gastric bypass in 2015. I've lost a total of 122lbs. I am 37 years old with two kids 8 & 4 and a very supportive husband. I just want to be able to exercise without pain from the excess skin. I know it's a long shot, but are there teaching hospitals that do this? Or can a surgeon tax write-off?

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The procedures you ask about

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may not be done with frequency in some training programs.  A surgeon graduating with limited experience may be willing to provide a discount of you would understand the limited experience and be willing to allow your surgeon to use your photos at your surgeon's (not yours) discretion.  So this would require calling the newer surgeons and offer your proposal and understand that doors will be closed on you more than opened.

University Hospital Plastic Surgery Program Resident Cosmetic Clinic

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You should go to the local University Hospital Plastic Surgery Program Resident Cosmetic Clinic.  There still will be fees, but they will be much less.

Are there any plastic surgeons that might consider doing a tummy tuck, inner/outer thigh lift for teaching purposes?

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I can appreciate your question, but you must know we get innundated with questions like this. It actually costs surgeons a lot of money to build and maintain a surgical facility and it costs us quite a bit to do each surgery with salaries, equipment, meds, supplies, insurance, and on and on. So do do surgery for free means free to you but expensive to the surgeon. Teaching hospitals also charge as they have expenses too, but if there is a teaching hospital near you , call the department of plastic surgery and ask them. Good luck and congratulations on that big weight loss. 

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Pro bono plastic surgery for teaching

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Thank you for your question.

Many of the plastic surgery training programs across the nation have resident clinics in which learning plastic surgeons perform surgery under close supervision and guidance of their attending, or teaching, plastic surgeons.  These procedures are often done at a substantial discount of what could be expected in the community.

Infrequently, there may be a plastic surgeon willing to perform pro bono work as part of a national conference with live surgery or as a marketing or television type program.  These opportunities are very infrequent.

My suggestion is do a search for plastic surgery training program in your state and region and contact the training program directly to inquire about existence of a resident clinic.

Dr L

Andre Levesque, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon

Are there any plastic surgeons that might consider doing a tummy tuck, inner/outer thigh lift for teaching purposes?

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Congratulations on your significant weight loss!  The question is not at all "dumb".  Generally, what patients may not realize is how much “overhead” is associated with performing good quality and safe elective plastic surgery. In other words, there are significant expenses, outside of surgeon's fees, associated with these types of operations. Therefore, it will be unlikely that “pro bono” elective plastic surgery will be available to you.  You are correct  in that a teaching hospital may be a good option for you.  You may find the attached link, dedicated to patients who have experienced significant weight loss helpful to you as you learn more. Best wishes.

Tummy tuck and thigh lift for teaching purposes

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Your question is definitely not stupid, thank you for asking. Typically every teaching hospital does this type of training during a surgeons residency. Every hospital state to state has different protocols in how they conduct this. Try to contact any local board certified plastic surgeon in your area for more information. 

Best regards

Try Stanford

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Stanford has an excellent plastic surgery residents' clinic there, and you may be able to get your surgery there for a very small fraction of the price.

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