Discouraged and Concerned - Is This As Flat As I Will Get? (photo)

I am in my early 50's and weighed 155lbs pre-op. I had a TT done with no muscle repair no drains no CG . I trust my OS , he's responsive, but don't wish to offend him by questioning. 8 weeks post op, I continue to be swollen,tender, and hard in lower abdomen- but progressively improving. The center part of the incision is thicker, darker and still a bit swollen around the scar.. My surgeon checked and there is no fluid. Posting the photos if they will help.. Would appreciate your thoughts

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Discouraged and Concerned - Is This As Flat As I Will Get?

For us to advise you need to post before and after photos so that we may compare the results. Awaiting these photos.

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Discouraged and Concerned - Is This As Flat As I Will Get?

Yes better photos would help offer suggestions. Standard photos would have you standing straight, with views from the front and side, accompanied if possible by before photos. The posted photo, with flexion at the abdomen is not particularly helpful.  All post op TT patients will have some redundant skin in that pose, as will most patients who did not have surgery. 

The part of the scar I can see looks OK, but I am not seeing much. It would not be uncommon for the central portion to appear thicker at this time, since it is the tightest area. 

Some persistent swelling is common at 8 weeks. I am not sure why no muscle repair was done. An occasional patient does not need one, but most benefit.

All the best. 


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Too early to make a pronouncement about results of a tummy tuck.

It's too early to make a final decision but if you have had a previous pregnancy I don't understand why some repair of the fascia was not done. Nevertheless give it six months and perhaps post pictures at that time.

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