Is It Normal To Receive a Discount for 2-3 Treatments at One Time?

How normal is it to get or ask for discount for 2-3 treathments at on surgery? In this case 2-3 facial treatments at one surgery. Does this happen in general? How reasonable would it be to ask? How many percentages would be normal? Everything related to this all is more then welcome.

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It is common but not a "rule". Each surgeon will have their own policy. Often it is influenced not by the additional procedure itself but by the cost of additional OR and anesthesia time which is not under the surgeon's control.

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Discount for Multiple Procedures

It is common to discount the professional (physican) fees for multiple procedures performed at the same time. Many surgeons discount additional procedures 50% when more than one surgical procedure is performed under the same anesthetic. This is the practice in our office. However, not all surgeons offer these discounts.

For example, if a facelift costs $4000 and a browlift is $3000, the total cost for both procedures would be $4000 for the facelift and only $1500 for the foreheadlife, or $5500.

Temp Patterson, MD
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Clearly this is a local and doctor to doctor question. In my office we offer %50 off second and third procedures done at the same time

David A. Bray, Sr., MD
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