Cause of Discomfort in Left Silicone Implant?

I am 2 years post silicone breast implants under the muscle. I recently have had vague discomfort in my left breast including dull pain, and just a weird sensation that feels like it moves funny when I move my arms or contract my muscle. I noticed it about 3 months ago after I started working out my pectoralis muscles again. What could be causing this?

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Discomfort in breast

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It is difficult to say without an exam. I recommend following up with your doctor so he/she can do a thorough exam. 

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Irritation from breast implants

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At two years, I would also be concerned about capsular contracture being an issue for you. If one breast is starting to feel firmer than the other, in addition to moving with the muscle, it may be scar tissue building up around the implant. It would be worth seeing your plastic surgeon for a checkup.

Robert Frank, MD
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Check back with your doctor

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Make sure you have a recent mammogram and go back to your doctor for an evaluation and exam.  This is probably just a nerve irritation that will go away, but you should be checked to be sure.

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