Discomfort in Left Breast After Minor Injury

I had BA close to 6 months ago. I have been experiencing some discomfort in my left breast after a basketball was launched at my left breast. The ball hit the inner part of my breast. I figure that anything in the body should hurt after being hit with a ball but it has been a few days now & I can feel the implant "click" when i massage, whereas I didnt before. I am also experiencing some soreness in my left shoulder and arm. There is no swelling, no redness. Should I be concerned?

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Discomfort in Left Breast After Minor Injury

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The click sound unusual and may be related to a mass or tear from the injury or may reflect catching of the valve of the implant. seek a plastic surgeons evaluation for reassurance.

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Pain in implants

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If you are having pain six months out and after a recent trauma it is probably what you said, but if you are concerned speak with your doctor.

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Blunt Injury to Chest

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Sounds like if you are concerned about the status of your implant and your are having soreness after basketball hit your chest you should see your PS.  It is hard to determine what the "click" is without a good examination.

Good Luck

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