I Have Discomfort After Implants Removed. Please Help!

My left breast got surgery 4 times in 5 months. After removal of implants, I'm having so much discomfort in left breast. 1. My aroela caved in. 2. when I stretch arms, i feel something is adhesive to the nipple. 3. When I raise arms, there's a pulling sensation under left arm, but nothing is visible. 4. When I massage, the breast looks bigger the next day. 5. When I press down the breast, I feel little pain. Is this because of scarring? how long should I wait to be free from discomfort?

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Breast Pain after Implant Removal

I think this is potentially complicated problem. My first question would be why did you have 4 breast operations in 5 months. I assume that you started with a breast augmentation that went sideways. The subsequent operations were presumably efforts to correct the initial problem. As a general rule, it is not a good idea to re-operate so often in such a limited period of time, unless it is a problem which requires urgent intervention, such as  bleeding. Multiple re-operations in such a short timeframe do not allow the tissues to fully recover from the previous operation and only result in more severe scarring and distortion of the breast tissues.

Based on your photos and symptoms and limited history, I am guessing that you have a significant residual implant capsule and/or seroma cavity (breast swells with massage), with additional scarring resulting in tissue retraction and pain.

First I think you should have a mammogram and/or breast ultrasound to look for any evidence of possible breast cancer and to see if a seroma cavity can be identified. These finding can help determine the treatment approach. 

Your photo shows that you have a retracted areola, much worse on the left. This one of the reasons why I do not favor a peri-areollar incision for augmentation. Any sort of problem requiring additional surgery or just poor closure technique can result in retraction of the areola and distortion of the breast tissue which is almost impossible to fix.

My recommendations would be that you first have the diagnostic tests that I suggested. Then you need to do some careful research and find a well qualified Real Plastic Surgeon who is certified by the American  Board of Plastic Surgery and is experienced in dealing with breast implant problems. I would likely wait at least six months before having any additional surgery to allow your tissues to more fully recover.........Good Luck.

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