Discomfort After Abdominoplasty 2 Months Post Op?

Hello, I am 2 months post op abdominoplasty with lipo. 2 days ago, I felt a sharp pain in the area below my left breast and to the left of my belly button. The sharp pain subsided pretty fast, but ever since I have had discomfort in that area and it has bulged (not significantly) but I can feel the bulge when I run my hand over the area and you can see the impression in the mirror. Is this serious, does it need another surgery or could this be scar tissue? Please help.

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Discomfort After #tummytuck 2 Months Post Op? ANS:

It is not uncommon to still have pain and I have seen many women that may pull an area of stitches and have some swelling, but not having done anything serious, so be careful with your activity and watch it over the next several weeks...

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For something like this you should go back to your PS to check on the issue. It can be a couple of things muscle pull, nerves regenerating. It can not be determined with out and exam.

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Pain after abominopalsty

As with everything, accurate diagnosis of the problem is the key. Here with no good medical history and no exam, we have to make educated guesses.

If the pain is under the left breast and on the side of the BB, the it is unlikely to have suture disruption because that would be in the midline. I think you pulled some scar tissue and got a small hematoma that will needs to be absorbed by your body.

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Not serious

It is not uncommon to have a partial disruption of the repair of your abdominal wall (diastasis recti) caused by a sudden abdominal strain sometime in the early postop period.  Typically this is more likely within the first 6-8 weeks before the repair has become as strong as it can.

There is no emergency, but depending on how bothersome the small bulge is relative to your overall result, it is sometimes indicated to perform a revision surgery to correct the problem.

You should consult with your surgeon to discuss your concerns.

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Pain after abdominoplasty

It is not unsual to have some pain, on some days, even two months after a tummy tuck. The pains are usually the result of nerves or muscle stretching. If you have had pain followed by a bulge in the upper abdomen you may have ruptured the sutures that were used to tighten your belly muscles. This would lead to bulging of the abdomen again, as may have been the case before surgery. You may need to have that repaired again. I would see your plastic surgeon and have the area examined. As you say, it might just be scar tissue you are feeling. Best of luck! 

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Discomfort after abdominoplasty, 2 months post surgery

Depends on what discomfort you talking about.  Often times people feel a little tight and get some irritation if they do heavy athletic workouts and usually resolve a time over 3 to 6 months.  Sometimes there is a trapped nerve and you have to inject it with a numbing medicine with steriods and often times it alleviates this kind of pain.  Other than that, there is not a lot you can do.

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Discomfort 2 month post op

I would recommend taht you see your plastic surgeon and discuss your cocnerncs although I do not see a serious concern.

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