Discolouration of the Tip 5 Months After Revision Rhinoplasty, What Can be Done? (photo)

I had a revision surgery 5 mths ago,after breaking my right alar cartillage soon after the 1st one,3 years before.2 weeks after 2nd surgery,I pressed the right side slightly while cleaning with a cotton bud,and a round discolouration appeared.2 mths later,after massaging,an inflammation occured and subsided after antibiotic treatment.Since then the discolouration is very apparent and not fading.I feel slight stinging/burning at times.I wonder what is causing this and will it resolve?Many thanks.

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Discoloration after rhinoplasty

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If you are referring to the red patch as "discoloration", that is the results of broken capillaries (small blood vessels) on the skin. Laser treatments would reduce these.

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