Discolouration and what seems to be lumps 3 weeks 2 days after Restylane in tear troughs, is this normal?

I had restylane put into my TT. I had them done 1st and the Dr used 1 syringe for both eyes. I then come back after 1 mth for more as I felt they were not filled enough. The Dr put more in one eye (as more sunken). Its been 3 wks 2 days and there still seems to be bruising and what looks like lumpiness!? the 2nd time around they did swell and bruise quite badly. I live 3 planes away from the Dr that I went to and had it done with him as he has been said to be one of the best in the field for TT

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1.  On your last picture your left lower eyelid is bruised and there appears to be bumps.  I would suggest a re-consultation with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon with the possibility of a hyaluronidase injection (removes the excess restylane) where the bumps appear.
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Thanks, Dr. Tony Perkins.

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