Treatment for Skin Discoloration and Uneveness from Acne?

I have some skin discoloration and unevenness (redness) due to acne. I don't have ice pick scarring, my acne would be light to mildly moderate I think. What is the best method to alleviate this problem: Light TCA peel, Microdermabrasion, Photofacial? It's so embarrassing to have these red marks and I feel uncomfortable going at the beach without makeup, etc.

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Options for Red Acne Scars

Red-based acne scars seem to be the most concerning for acne patients because this color is much more difficult to conceal.  In our experience, using the pulsed dye laser (VSTAR) has offered an excellent option for light to medium skin types in fading these types of scars.  This laser is also known for collagen stimulation and will improve the texture of the skin as well.

We believe that class IV medical lasers offer a much safer, more effective option than the TCA peel, microdermabrasion and IPLs.

Most importantly, be diligent with sunscreen use each and every day.  Be certain to locate a practitoner that utilizes the right technology for your condition and skin type.

See the below link for before/after photos of red acne scars treated with lasers



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Skin discoloration from acne

You might want to consider a series of light chemical peels (Jessner, TCA 10%, salicylic acid).  Fotofacial treatments may help, but may place you at risk for additional discoloration.  I suggest you consult a knowledgeable, board certified physician for your treatments.

Good luck.

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