Discoloration on Lips from Restylane

I had my lips done 6 weeks ago and I have some purple marks and a small blue line from where it was probably done superfically. Does this go away when the restylane dissolves or is this permanent? please if anyone can answer. thanks!!!!

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Blue Line after Restylane

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Restylane is a temporary filler and can cause a bluish tint to the skin from the Tyndall effect. It can be made to vanish in some cases by the use of injectible hyaluronidase. This will, though, decrease the volumization effect and you will eliminate the Restylane as well. If you do nothing, the color should go away. Without seeing you I can't guarantee that this is your situation. If a superficial vein is made more prominent that should also be temporary.

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Blue line after filler

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The blue discoloration is the tyndell effect when the product is injected very superficially. It will go away over time or you can dissolve it with hyaluronidase.

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