How many herbal peels would it take to fade discoloration on cheeks from old acne? I need rid of these spots quickly (Photo)

I have been on the nu-derm system for 6 weeks and use trentinoin and bleaching cream. I just currently had another herbal peel done and it is day 3 and I am peeling. Can I do a peel on just those portions that are discolored or do I have to apply to whole face every time? I want faster fading of these discoloration spots and I liked the natural peel best. How many estimated peels would it take to erase these spots so i don't need to use foundation?

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Discoloration on The Face, ? Treatment Options

No discoloration is treated quickly without any complications.  You are on the right track by having peels and topical bleaching, but you should consider fraxel dual laser treatments to improve the texture and scarring and/or excel v or pulsed dye laser treatments for the redness.  The improvement will require a series of treatments, rushing the improvement can lead to poor results.  See a cosmetic dermatologist with experience.  I wish you the best of luck, Dr. Emer.

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