Discoloration on Arms After SmartLipo

I had Smart Lipo done about 10 weeks ago on a few areas, including my arms. They look pretty good in size but they are still very discolored and look like I just barely survived a near fatal car crash. Could this be from the post-op bruising? Is this normal? Will my arms ever be back to normal and be flesh-toned?

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Discoloration on Arms After SmartLipo

Thank you for your question and photo.  Bruising normally resolves over several weeks.  A small percentage of patients may have delayed bruising.  Hemosiderin is the breakdown product of blood, which causes a brown discoloration that can take 1-2 years to improve, but it may never completely dissipate.  Discoloration may also be caused by heat generated by a  laser, Ultrasound or even liposuctioning too close to the skin causing inflammation and possibly hyperpigmentation.  

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Discoloration on arms after Smart Lipo

Arm discoloration due to bruising after smartlipo may last weeks to months.  If it is present at the incision sites it can take longer to go away.  In most cases, it is gone by 6-8 months.

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