Discoloration and Indentation on Accutane? (photo)

I've been on accutane 40mg for 2 months (and Diane 35) with great results.. Last week hairdresser colored my hair. 30 hours later i suddenly without itching, developed discoloration and little dents on my face, I used jojoba oil to cleanse and calendula with drop of lavender to moisturise face, E45 cream for the body without any side effects. I discontinued all moisturisers as soon as dents appeared but I'm getting more marks all over my face, neck, chest shall i stop accutane? Please advice!

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Contact Dermatitis from Hair Dyes

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This isn't from the Accutane at all, it's a bad reaction to the chemicals in the hair dyes. Do not continue to apply any of the products you currently are - the oils, scents, and perfumes are absolutely irritating everything and making it worse. You can stop the Accutane for maybe 3 days if you'd like (though it's not necessary), but it will help with the dryness you have and allow creams to penetrate a bit better for now. Stop everything else you're doing. Apply cool water and topcial hydrocortisone (available from any pharmacy) after to all areas. Continue to do this a few times a day for a few days. It will help for sure, but if the itching and redness persists, you can see a dermatologist for a shot of injectable cortisone as well.

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