Disappointed in Size After Breast Implants

I am 4 wks post-op and I'm very disappointed in my size. Preop I fitted a 32B but wore 34A padded to give me the look of bigger breast. I told my PS I wanted to be a nice B and I ended up with 250cc silacone high profile to fit my frame and I'm barely filling my 34B sports bra. I was happy with my size when I was swollen but now i'm not. I guess my PS gave me what I asked for but when I look in the mirror or look at myself in small shirts, I want to cry. What should I do? My B is so SMALL :(

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" I guess my PS gave me what I asked for but ..." Disappointed in Size After Breast Implants

I'm quoting you: "I guess my PS gave me what I asked for but ...." Waht else did you want your plastic surgeon to do? A 250 cc implant should easily take you up a full cup or cup and a half. Try another bra fitting.

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Choosing the right implant for a patient is sometimes very difficult especially if the patient is not involved in the choice. If you want to go bigger you probably need to wait a few months and then review it with your doctor.

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Disappointed in breast size after breast augmentation

Aaaah, you have brought up such a common issue!

There are many factors to consider.  I aways have my patients try the implant with a bra and look at themselves in front of a mirror.  Even with that, I still have patients who feel they are too small!

My recommendation is to be patient.  The implants may take 4-6 months to settle in and will give your breasts a fuller look, especially in the bottom portion.  Based on what you have written, I think your PS chose a reasonable size implant for you. 

Michael A. Jazayeri, MD
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