1 Month Post Breast Implants, and The Crease Is Uneven and Not as Full as I'd Like?

Im a month post op and I have a few concerns regarding my HP 550cc Silicone Breast implants. First my right breast feels more fuller and more down than the left one. And I've noticed when doing my post op exercises they form a weird uneven crease when I push both implants inwards together. Is that normal? Will that go away once my breast settle? Secondly I thought my breast would actually look evenly fuller and bigger supposedly they were the largest implants available in silicone.

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Breasts Shape After Surgery



Nature has to take its course and you are only one month post surgery.

It is important that you be a little more patient as dropping of the implants normally takes place and final results are not quickly established; they take around 5-6 months so the final picture comes together.


Without the before/after photos and knowing the details of your surgery, it is hard to give you more details about your case.


I encourage you to keep your surgeon in the loop of your progress as communication with the surgeon is an important part of the recovery process.


Thank you for your inquiry and the best of luck to you.

Dr. Sajjadian

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Breast Implant shape and size after surgery

One month post op is fairly a short time to give you final results. You will have some swelling up to 6 months following the surgery, although most swelling should be gone by months 4 or 5. Also your implants are still settling and are probably sitting high. There is good chance that the implants will fall into proper place, so have some faith and give it some time. In my practice, the most common complaint after a breast augmentation surgery is "I wish I had gone bigger".

Richard Hodnett, MD
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Breast implants will continue to change one month after breast augmentation surgery.

Thank you for your question. The asymmetries that you describe are quite common one month after breast augmentation surgery, especially with large implants. Express your concerns to your plastic surgeon and ask if breast implant displacement exercises may be done. Breast implant displacement exercises done preferentially on the higher side can often help accelerate symmetry.

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