Disadvantages of Having a High Crease in Asian Eyes?

Is it true that too high of an eyelid crease in the asian eyelid is fatiguing for the eyelid muscle to lift? Why would anyone want a high crease if it feels uncomfortable/tight when the eyelid lifts? If you get a high crease, doesn't the levator muscle need to be cut (plicated) as well or else it would "strain" your eyes to lift that big crease? The bigger the crease, the stronger your levator muscle has to work to lift it, right? Just wondering.

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High eyelid crease should be avoided in Asian Blepharoplasty

As Dr. Bernardino noted,  a higher crease will not typically produce symptoms of fatigue or tightness. 

One of the main principles of Asian blepharoplasty is avoiding having the crease end up too high.  In most Asian patients,  a high crease does not look natural or attractive.

Mark Lucarelli, MD. FACS

Madison, WI

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Functional issues with Asian Blepharoplasty

A properly performed double eyelid crease surgery should have little effect on eyelid function, both eyelid opening and closing. Given that, concerns such as eyelids feeling too tight or eyelid being too low after surgery are often avoided by good preoperative planning and recognizing that eyelid malposition may be present before surgery. 

The main consequence I see after double eyelid surgery is that if the crease is placed too high, it can look artificial or fake, instead of natural. Also in males, too high a lid crease can make the eyelid look more feminine than may be desired.

Carlo Rob Bernardino, MD
Monterey Oculoplastic Surgeon
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