What Are the Disadvantages of Breast Augmentation Surgery?

breast augmentation surgery is good for breast, give good shape to your breasts with the help of breast augmentation surgery. what is Disadvantage of breast augmentation surgery?

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Risks of breast implant augmentation surgery

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There are risks to crossing the street or flying in an airplane and, of course, there are risks to any surgical procedure. These risks can occur regardless of surgeon or technique. These include but are not limited to: infection, hematoma, discomfort, wound breakdown, hypertrophic scar formation, asymmetry, unfavorable healing, implant infection exposure, rupture, deflation, palpability, visibility, distortion with muscular contraction, capsular contracture, interference with mammography or surgical evaluation of breast masses, interference with nipple sensation with nursing and aging, need for secondary surgical revisions, and inabiltity to guarantee a specific cosmetic result. Although many other claims of diseases associated with silicone breast implants have been reported these have not been substantiated by major studies.

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Disadvantages of Breast Augmentation

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You are correct.  All surgeries have benefits and risks.  The benefits of augmentation are obvious.  Risks include the risk of anesthesia, infection, bleeding, scarring, capsular contracture, asymmetry, implant rupture, and interference with breast cancer detection.  Most women, when presented with these benefits/risks, choose to have the surgery.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
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Disadvantages of Breast Augmentation

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The advantages of breast augmentation (improved self esteem, self confidence, clothes fitting better) far outway the disadvantages. Most patients are willing to accept the risks (capsular contracture, infection, asymmetry) in order to get the benefits. Once patients have had breast augmentation, they generally like it so much that they are usually not willing to have the implants removed.

Burr von Maur, MD
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Potential Complications of Breast Augmentations

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We all know the benefits of Breast Augmentation what are some of the less than nice things that COULD be associated with Breast Augmentation? Fair question.

GENERAL RISKS - Infection, bleeding, ugly scarring, potential need for more treatments or surgery
ANESTHESIA RISKS - breathing complications, death, damage to the teeth, allergic reactions
IMPLANT ISSUES - all implants EVENTUALLY will leak / deflate, rippling, being able to feel the side wall of the implant when large implants are used, capsular contracture
BREAST AUGMENTATION SURGERY RISKS - loss of nipple sensation, capsular contracture, increase in asymmetry, potential interference with mammograms with silicone gel implants, permanent thinning changes in the breast tissue

That being said, these are seen in a very small fraction of the women having breast augmentation and it is still the most popular Cosmetic Surgery operation done in the US

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Disadvantages of breast augmentation surgery

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Very unusual question! If you are concerned about the negatives than DO NOT DO this surgery. Why are Breast Implantation surgeries in the top 4 of all cosmetic cases preformed yearly? Because of the disadvantages? NO! Your question needs in person addressing not over the net.

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