Is Diode Sheerlight Laser Safe for Upperlip As I Already Have Hyperpigmentation There?

I am in post menopause. have greyish patch on my upperlip and a brown patch on my nose.the hair on my upperlip is getting thicker.i am currently threading which i believe is not good for the hyper-pigmentation.It also has some ingrowth and stubble. my dermatologist suggested the diode sheer light laser hair confused.

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Lightsheer will work for the upperlip regardless of hyperpigmentation

The Lightsheer laser is effective on the upper lip as long as the hair is dark. If you have white or blonde hairs it will not be effective. The Lightsheer is attracted to melanin so you will have some risk if the skin is hyper-pigmented but with that being said; The Lightsheer has the ability to be calibrated to work on darker skin tones. I would recommend a test spot first and then if that goes well you may proceed with treatment. If you are troubled by the ingrown hairs, I believe laser is the most effective treatment. No hairs = No ingrown hairs.  

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