Should I Have a Dent and Raise in my Nose 12 Days After a Rhino?

I had a rhino & septo 12 days ago, & I am really happy with my new more feminine nose but I am quite concerned about the long term outcome because of a bump & dint at the bridge-refer photos. When I touch this softly, I can feel quite a large divit below the bump and I am concerned that over time this will settle and become a lot more noticable. My nostrils are also slightly different but probably good in reality?? Will the dint & bump worsen? Is this abnormal? What should I do?

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Bump just after rhinoplasty

Hi there,

I agree with the surgeons below.  You should see your surgeon this week for a checkup.  If there is a little blood, or even if the nasal bones have opened up a little, it would be possible to correct easily at 12 days postop. I'm sure your surgeon will be pleased to see you for a check.

Good luck.


See your surgeon the bump could be a hematoma, seroma, or actual remaining brige hump (probably septu remants)

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty aftercare.

Thank you for your question regarding contour irregularities 12 days after rhinoplasty.

Several  factors come into play when you appreciate early post operative results.

There are many changes occurring at a microscopic level that can affect the way the surface of your nose looks.  There is still swelling at this point in time, which resolves often irregularly and may appear to wax and wane as it resolves.  The area directly under your new prominence seen in the picture is your nasal bone.  After your bone is filed and contoured in surgery, it goes on to heal and  further contour itself by laying down more bone and causing swelling at that local site.  This is a normal process that settles out after several months.

During rhinoplasty, the skin is gently lifted off the cartilage 'skeleton' of the nose.  Changes are made to the cartilage and bone and the skin is put back down.  if there are significant changes to the skeleton, the skin will take time to 'redrape' and conform to the new understructure.  This process often leads to irregularities that tend to resolve over time.  Massage can be very helpful in these cases. 

Stay close to your surgeon, communicate openly about your concerns.    Barring any reason for immediate concern, stay patient and let the healing process occur.

Best of luck.

Morgan E. Norris, III, MD, FACS
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Rhinoplasty post operative appearance

I am glad you are mainly very pleased with your surgery. It is really very early to tell how the area you are concerned about will end up. Give it time and communicate with your surgeon.  If a small bump area remains- it would be correctable, but hopefully  you can improve in time.  Good luck!

Michael Suzman, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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