Is Dimpling Inevitable with Liposuction?

Everywhere I look for information regarding liposuction it seems like I read somewhere how a girl had it done on her inner and outer thighs, and dimpling occurred, or uneven fat distribution after the surgery. I realize the surgery can be easy to keep those things from happening, but I guess my question is when you get on the internet you only see complaints generally. Is dimpling and uneven distribution the rule or is it merely the exception only happing in some case? Is it the doctor mostly?

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Uneveness after Liposuction

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Dimpling and unevenness are definitely possible, but they are not the rule.   To do perfect liposuction, the surgeon must take the time for perfection, and have an artistic sense along with substantial experience. Perfect liposuction is not learned in a day.  For perfection every thing must be perfect.  Perfect facility and staff, perfect anesthesiologist, perfect surgeon.    Great experience is attained with years of experience.  I firmly believe every case must be done with an MD anesthesiologist in attendance 100% of the time.    Local awake cases means the surgeon is trying to keep the patient safe and comfortable, while at the same time doing perfect liposuction.  IMPOSSIBLE!!!  Do not have an awake liposuction.  Local is  a bad idea for many reasons. Anesthesiologists are worth every penny.  Anesthesiologists keep you comfortable, safe, and alive.  Anesthesiologists allow the surgeon to focus 100% on the case and do PERFECT surgery  with minimal or no dimpling and unevenness.   Choose a great surgeon to do your liposuction.  Liposuction is serious surgery.  Choose a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a surgeon who is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, a surgeon with hospital staff operating privileges, and a surgeon who has done many many liposuctions.  Focusing on this or that technology is absurd and nonproductive.   90% of great liposuction is  done with small cannulas and GREAT SURGEON SKILL AND EXPERIENCE.    Focus on the surgeon and his excellence and experience.   Consult with three FACS-ABPS surgeons who have had vast  liposuction experience.   Surgical performance is like playing the piano.  The more the surgeon does it,  the better the performance.  Do not seek cheap.  Seek excellence.  There are fair mid range prices in liposuction and this is fine.  Extremely low prices are usually no deal.  Beware!  Also there is not need for extremely high pricing.   There is FAIR.   You must seek and choose a surgeon that provides two major entities....SAFETY....and BEAUTIFUL RESULTS.   Excellent surgeons with vast experience , artistry, and understanding produce smooth, beautiful results.  There may still be a FEW dimples and unevenness in some areas,  but they are MINIMAL.   Seek an accomplished and  experienced surgeon and you will be fine.   Be careful.  Your choice affects the rest of your life.  Do not be impulsive.  Think hard and study your choice carefully.  My very Best,   Dr C.

Dimpling is not an exceptable occurence

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Good afternoon!

Dimpling after liposuction can occur- but it should not occur.

Some areas of the body such as the inner and outer  thigh are very susceptible to dimpling- a very conservative and careful liposuction with a surgeon with a lot of experience is required to avoid this problem. Other areas of the body such as the lower back are much much less susceptible to dimpling and more aggressive liposuction can be performed without fear of this problem postoperatively.   Many patients are not really good inner thigh liposuction candidates- they have more of an excess of skin and liposuction can worsen this problem.

My best advice is an intensive consult with a board certified plastic surgeon with a lot of experience with liposuction who can evaulate your tissues and see if you are the best candidate.

I hope this helps

Robert Steely, MD, FACS
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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#post-liposuction defects

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dimpling and irregularities are rather common after liposuction. most of these defects improve over time and some require correction. most of my practice consists of correction of post-liposuction defects and dimpling. and most of the cases I have seen are after SmartLipo. it depends on the surgeon, their choice of the method, their experiences and how the patient heals afterwards

Misbah Khan MD, FAAD, FACMS
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Dimpling and Irregularity after Liposuction

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There are a number of reasons you are seeing increased mention of dimpling and irregularity after liposuction. The main reason is that there are more and more physicians performing liposuction with little or no training. As companies develop newer liposuction machines, they have to sell them to whomever will buy them. More commonly now that is a physician not board certified in plastic surgeon. Also, these machines are more aggressive than older techniques. Liposuction is a deceptively complex and difficult procedure that looks easy and safe. However, those of us who have done it from the beginning know how hard it really is. Irregularity and dimpling have been problems from the beginning. However, over time we have learned how to control this. Unfortunately, it is impossible to teach how to prevent these problems in a weekend course. You need the time a full residency provides and years of experience to learn how to do the procedure safely and cosmetically. For the best chance of a good cosmetic outcome, choose a board certified plastic surgeon with years of experience.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
Highlands Plastic Surgeon

Liposuction and dimpling

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Dimpling of the skin can happen with overaggressive liposuction, or very superficial liposuction, scarring, and just visibly more noticeable to the patient even though they may have had it before.  Remember you will probably see more complaints online than positives as it is the nature for people to post more likely when not happy.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Irregularities and dimpling are more common with aggressive liposuction.   The more fat that is removed leads to more uneveness.   More conservative procedures that leave behind more fat lead to less problems.  Problem is, most patients want to remove as much fat as possible.  Thus, there has to be a fine line between minimizing contour issues and still getting a good result.  An experienced liposuction surgeon is going to understand this balance and what fat needs to be left behind.  Discuss your concerns with your surgeon and hopefully he/she will understand your goals.  Best of luck!

Evan Sorokin, MD
Cherry Hill Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 77 reviews

Is Dimpling Inevitable with Liposuction?

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       Dimpling is not inevitable with liposuction, but I will say the liposuction is not an easy procedure to do well and get right.  It is an easy procedure if you are very conservative.  In this manner, the flaps do not have to be uniform, because the large residual fat component masks irregularities.  It is very difficult to achieve large volume results with hundreds of cases without having dimpling.  I perform rhinoplasty and facelifts hundreds of times each year, and I will say that liposuction is just as hard to get right.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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