Dimpling After a Chin Implant Removal, What Can be Done?

21 mo ago, I had a chin implant (a 9mm button type), then removed it 4 mo ago. I recently noticed that there’re a few dimples on my chin (I didn’t have b4). What could be cause of it. Could it be bcuz of the contraction of the capsule or the thinning of the chin pad tissue due to the pressure of the implant? Could I risk further dimpling as the swelling continue to subside? What can be done to remedy the situation? I’ve no interest in undergoing another surgery. Thank you.

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Dimpling after chin implant removal

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It is possible for the dimpling to improve with time as scar tissue occupies that space or it could actually worsen depening upon how your are healing. I would consult with your physician who treated you. You may need some dermal fat grafting in the future to improve that area if it persists. Good luck.

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Chin implant question

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My first questions to help me form a better opinion would be why was the implant removed? Did you have a complication or just want it removed? It is well known that  the implant may resorb bone as well as thin the overlying soft tissue. If you had a complication of infection scar tissue may be causing the problem. I would think the scar tissue would continue to soften over 8 months to 1 year. Fat grafts are a good option to plump up and fill in  areas and can be done in the office under local anesthesia. I hope this helps!

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