Dimples in Cleavage Area when Leaning over

I 9 months post-op and chose round 375 cc high profile textured silicone implants under the muscle. At the time when I was choosing the size, I had noticed that the width of the implant was about 5cm narrower than my natural breast so I do not think that implant rippling would be visible but I have noticed that if I lean down or flex my pecs i get little ripples in my cleavage which can be felt in any position. My PS said that if I had a revision he would just cut the muscle. what could this be?

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Dimpling after breast implants

You have had subpectoral breast implant surgery.    What you are questioning is a nomal good result.  The pectoral muscle interdigitates with tits muscle of the opposite side.  Similar to when you interlock your fingers  together.  This interdigitation causes irregularities between themselves because of the irregularities.  This the cause of your problem.  I do not think you can fix this. " It is what it is."   You could repositôn your implant to the submammary space but then you would have to worry about the intercostal vessel causing an  indent of the implant and skin.  Good Luck

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